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Photography and webdesign by Bodnár Ladislav - Sadman

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."
C. S. Lewis

My Nature and Urban photography

Gallery filled with some of my favourite photographs. Landscapes, nature and architecture, lot of different colors and angles...

My portrait photography

Portrait photography with beautiful people. Just a beginner on this field, and I work with natural light mostly or ambient lightning.

My digital Artworks

Some examples of my raster space artworks, inspirated by space...

About me - Bodnár Ladislav

Hello, I am Bodnár Ladislav aka. Sadman. I come from a small country in Central Europe (Slovakia). Currently I live and work in Budapest (Hungary). I have a master degree in Geography and I am interested in GIS (geographic information system) and cartographic maps. I like to digitalize my fantasies and ideas in different forms - website design, space art, other artworks, maps and so on. I am interested in photography. While I am not a professional, I love taking photos just for relaxation :). I spend a lot of my free time photographing outdoors, taking pictures of landscapes, people and of the amazing world around me...

My photo equipment of choice: Pentax K-3 II, Olympus E-400

My full time work - what I do for living: HTML/CSS coder

My skills and personal qualities:

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Coding skills

  • HTML - intermediate
  • CSS - intermediate
  • Jquery - basic
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Language skills

  • Slovak - C2
  • Hungarian - C2
  • English - B1
  • Czech - A2
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Other IT skills

  • Adobe Photoshop - intermadiate
  • Adobe Illustrator - basic
  • Corel Draw - intermadiate
  • ArcGIS - basic
  • Quantum GIS - basic


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